Coil Safety

By purchasing products from this site you agree that you are knowledgeable about the nature of these products and release from any liability stemming from the products use.

The resistance (Ohm's) of the coils stated are a guide and they will either be very close to, or exactly, as described.

Please bear in mind that once the coils are mounted in your device and the tails are cut off, the ohm's will come out slightly lower than advertised because less wire equals less resistance (Ohm's). The final Ohm reading will therefore be determined by how much of the tails are cut off.

Please also note that the resistance of pre-made coils will vary from reader to reader and device to device.

If you build using 2 coils (dual coils) then the resistance will be halved. 

Example: Using 2 x 0.4 ohm coils in a device will half the ohm's resulting in a final resistance of 0.2 ohms.

If you build using 4 coils (quad coils) then the resistance will be a quarter.

Example: Using 4 x 1.0 ohm coils in a device will quarter the ohm's resulting in a final resistance of 0.25 ohms.

Please ensure that you are aware of what ohm's law is and what this means with regards to battery safety. Pay special attention to which batteries you are using and the amp ratings in particular. Each battery will have it's own limits and you will need to do some research to find out your particular batteries specifications. Building a coil with too low resistance (ohms) could cause the battery to get extremely hot, vent or even explode (It can happen!) 

Completely avoid cheaper non-brand batteries. We recommend using batteries manufactured by well known companies such as Sony, LG, AW and Panasonic, to name a few.